The manufacturing of a product begins in the fabrication of all of the parts needed to make it work. It continues into the assembly area and makes it way though these many processes until it ready for boxing or bagging and shipped to the end user. One of the stops, along the way to this point is the paint booth. Many companies in your field will, at this stage, take advantage of the powder coating Statesville NC specialty companies offer.

Each part of the component you are producing will need to be coated to protect them from the elements or to make them nicer to look at. The spot welds, the sanding and all other processes will often leave a surface that is not attractive. Painting can accomplish this, however, this coat will often chip or crack and flake off. The coatings that are applied through powder processing will not.

Most of the items seen today have this type of protective coat on them. Computer cases and appliances are just a couple of these. Large refrigerated cases are on this list as well as many plumbing parts that must be protected from a lot of contamination on a constant basis. Looking good is just one of the several reasons for this coating.

In traditional painting processes, space must be allocated for this. This space must be dust free and have enough room and accessories to hang or lay the parts to be painted down on a flat surface. There will also need to be adequate space for the drying which may take several hours to accomplish. A moisture free environment is a very good idea.

Many smaller firms do not have the space to allow for the larger areas needed for painting or the smaller space a powder coating system will require. Larger companies will have the space. The outside services that offer this will find many of the smaller ones that need their pick up and delivery service to ensure a steady flow of parts, ready for assembly.

Processing these parts through this area looks as simple as any other process. The parts are cleaned and hung on hooks, after being connected to a positive electrical charge through the use of a small clamp. The negative charge of the powder will help the sprayed on substance to hold onto the part. The oven will finish the whole process.

The oven will be heated to between 200 and about 400 degrees based on the material being heated and the make up of the resins and pigments being used. Just a very few minutes will be needed to bond this powder to itself and the metal underneath. It will melt and flow into all of the recesses present and cover most of all but the largest imperfections.

The powder coating other firms use to project a professional appearance can be yours as well. Setting this up in your plant or having a company who offers this pick it up will make all of your products shine as they await purchase. This process will level the playing field between large and small producers of world class items in the eyes of the customer.

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