When you or a close family member has been involved in car accident, looking for car accidents personal injury lawyer is not likely to be your first concern. However, as your financial woes continue to pile up, choosing a good attorney will become increasingly apparent. Choose intelligently from the onset of your claim by considering the following factors.

One mistake that most auto accident victims commit is choosing lawyers based on their commercials. Nowadays you will not watch television for long before you come across advertisement for personal injury lawyers. It is important to note that choosing lawyers based on 30 seconds of television ad is wrong. Such lawyers will make many empty promises that they cannot deliver. Always look for lawyers who specifically deal with auto accidents.

Experience is another important factor especially for a complicated case. Experience is usually the lawyers most vital asset. Ask your potential attorney the number of similar cases he/she has taken up to trial stage. You should also consider success rates. Any solicitor who is worth his salt should have very impressive success records.

Before signing contract with any attorney, it is also t understand fee arrangement. It will be difficult for the attorney to tell you exactly how much the case will cost. However, a good solicitor should have a close estimate of how much this will cost you. In case you have any concerns with the fee, be sure to discuss it with your attorney. Some attorneys will be glad to give you discount if you ask for it.

General rapport with the attorney is also very important. This is somebody you will be working with very closely. While he/she must not necessarily be your buddy, it is always important to look for someone you can get along with well and for the longest time possible.

You should also hire locally. Hiring a local attorney is not only good for your case as his/her wealth of experience will support your case; but it also supports local economy. It will also be easy to meet a local attorney as opposed to someone from another state.

The time you start the search for these kinds of attorneys also matters a lot. This is because there are also other people competing with you for the same attorneys. So if you wait until it is too late, you will find all the good lawyers taken up.

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