Lime is an agricultural soil conditioner made of pulverized limestone or in some cases, it is in pellet form. It is not a fertilizer for its main usage is to neutralize the pH content of the soil on the area where acidity is high. Distributing this material cannot be done with our bare hands and therefore we need to use a lime spreader.

The said apparatus is used by farmer so that the conditioner will be distributed evenly unto the soil. This equipment is also used to distribute fertilizers, sand, ashes, moss and other soil additives. And with that, there are some matters to be thought about when choosing a tool like this.

The external form of the apparatus is very important, you do not need something big for a smaller lawn and something small for a large lawn. Also, you need to think about its shape if it really fits on what you really need, never think of your favorite shape because your preference must be rational when it comes to decisions like this.

Aside from its outer structure, you also need to check its inner structure. Better to check the size of the holes of the spreader, in this case you are already expected what type of lime you will use, if you will use a pellet formed, get one with bigger hole enough to distribute pellets, and with this, using spreader with smaller holes would fit for the pulverized.

Its manipulation, something that is difficult to use would take your time and as a farmer, you do not want to waste time just for manipulating the equipment. A user friendly equipment will fit for a person who always want to do his work fast and efficient. A person who is into technological equipment might choose something that is digital. Just bare this into your mind that digitized spreaders is ought to help your work faster than usual, not to piss you off.

How much lime will you use will connect to the size of you lawn and spreader. A spreader which is bigger has a higher capacity, but be careful, not all the time size will be considered for capacity. Just also consider the possible weight of the lime you will use if you do not want to end up buying something that broke easily because of your carelessness in choosing.

And the most important is its endurance and durability. When we say endurance, we are talking here whether the equipment is heavy duty or not. Someone who is owning a land with uneven surface needs a heavy duty for these types were tightly attached and has heavy duty tires made for to face uneven surfaces.

Money is not just your responsibility, everything above is achievable through research. Patience is highly recommended. Excitement should be abolished so that it will not affect your decision making.

Purchasing a lime spreader is an investment. We always check the price, affordable or expensive, it is not important because there are some expensive things with poor performance and there are affordable things which are really efficient and do possess the standards. Sometimes you are just paying for the brand and the advertisement. Never get fooled on those, trust yourself, because you are the one who really knows what you really needs.

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