Twitter App Scam

The problem with all these Applications is what happens when many of them go bankrupt or disappear with your personal information. Typically you’ll get the following spam message if you ever used or signed up for the wrong APP, unsecured website or social media website that was sold or compromised by a hacker. I suspect this problem will get worse in the future, so make it a habit going forward to use certain types of passwords for certain types of websites. If you join a site with your financial information do not use the same password on that site as you’d use on Twitter or Facebook or some other random site you might join for leisure. Below is a portion of the spam email message that you’ll get from a spammer/hacker.

I do know “Your password here” is one of your passphrases. Lets get right to point. Nobody has paid me to investigate about you. You don’t know me and you’re most likely thinking why you are getting this mail?

The message sent to you for the most part is automated, the persons with these lists usually have access to a huge database, but it’s very hard for them to get your financial information unless you give it to them, so simply do not reply to that spam email, report it as phishing and make it a lesson learned.