This is the seventh edition of theScore’s 2018-19 NHL Power Rankings, which will be published every two weeks during the regular season. It was compiled by editors Sean O’Leary and Eric Patterson.

1. Tampa Bay Lightning (28-7-2) ▲

🎁: A nice, simple box of chocolates. What do you get somebody who already has it all? – O’Leary

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2. Toronto Maple Leafs (25-10-2) ▲

🎁: A right-shot defenseman, though the Maple Leafs might have to wait a couple more months. – O’Leary

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3. Winnipeg Jets (24-10-2) ▲

🎁: The warmest jacket on the market so Mark Scheifele never cools down. Since Dec. 1, the 25-year-old ranks second in the NHL with 20 points in 12 games. – O’Leary

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4. Washington Capitals (22-10-3) ▲

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🎁: Pucks, pucks, and more pucks, since Alex Ovechkin will eventually just put them all in the opponent’s net. – O’Leary

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5. Calgary Flames (22-12-3) ▼

🎁: A shovel to fill Matthew Tkachuk‘s stocking with money. With 42 points in 37 games, he’s going to break the bank on his next contract. – O’Leary

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6. Boston Bruins (20-13-4) ▲

🎁: Bubble wrap to protect Bruins heart and soul Patrice Bergeron, because they surely don’t want to face life without him in the lineup again anytime soon. – O’Leary

Previously: 16th

7. Nashville Predators (22-13-2)

🎁: A full lineup sheet. The Predators are battling numerous key injuries, and it’s making an impact in the Central Division race. – O’Leary

Previously: 7th

8. Columbus Blue Jackets (21-12-3) ▲

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🎁: The nicest pens in the world, so superstars Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky have a little more incentive to put their signatures on fresh contract extensions. – O’Leary

Previously: 11th

9. San Jose Sharks (19-12-7) ▲

🎁: Whatever Erik Karlsson wants most. Locking him up long term should be priority No. 1 for the Sharks organization. – O’Leary

Previously: 12th

10. Montreal Canadiens (19-13-5) ▲

🎁: A case of beer. The Canadiens deserve to put their feet up and relax over the break after being one of the biggest surprises in the league this season. Word on the street is their owner has a hookup on a discount, too. – O’Leary

Previously: 15th

11. Vegas Golden Knights (20-15-4) ▲

🎁: Some lucky sticks. Despite overwhelmingly positive possession numbers, the Golden Knights rank 24th with a 7.4 shooting percentage at five-on-five. – O’Leary

Previously: 14th

12. Pittsburgh Penguins (18-12-6) ▲

Grant Halverson / Getty Images Sport / Getty

🎁: Some swimming trunks. He’s pulled off a couple of small trades this season, but general manager Jim Rutherford is always looking to make a big splash. – O’Leary

Previously: 17th

13. Buffalo Sabres (21-11-5) ▼

🎁: A playoff berth. Sabres fans have gone seven long years without postseason action, and this young, exciting outfit would provide fireworks in a matchup against any Atlantic Division adversary. – O’Leary

Previously: 9th

14. Colorado Avalanche (19-12-6) ▼

🎁: The first co-MVP award in NHL history. At this point, how do you choose between Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen? – O’Leary

Previously: 6th

15. Anaheim Ducks (19-14-5) ▼

🎁: A wheelbarrow. Really, anything to help John Gibson carry the weight of this Ducks squad would be well-received. – Patterson

Previously: 10th

16. Edmonton Oilers (18-15-3) ▼

Andy Devlin / National Hockey League / Getty

🎁: A goal from Milan Lucic, which hasn’t occurred since opening night. – Patterson

Previously: 13th

17. Dallas Stars (16-11-3) ▼

🎁: A spotlight to shine on rearguard Miro Heiskanen, whose sparkling debut season isn’t getting much recognition. – Patterson

Previously: 8th

18. New York Islanders (18-13-4)

🎁: A moving truck. After rave reviews for the Islanders‘ return to Nassau Coliseum, who says no to packing up shop at the Barclays Center and heading back to Long Island?

Previously: 18th

19. New York Rangers (15-14-6)

🎁: A “Rebuilding for Dummies” book. For a team that wanted to hit the reset button, it doesn’t look like the Rangers know how. – Patterson

Previously: 19th

20. Florida Panthers (15-14-6) ▲

🎁: Selke and Lady Byng Trophies for Aleksander Barkov. The Panthers‘ first-line center has taken one minor penalty this season and drawn a ridiculous 27 against while maintaining a point-per-game pace. – Patterson

Previously: 26th

21. Minnesota Wild (17-15-3) ▼

🎁: Bandages. Losers of four straight heading into the Christmas break, the Wild need to stop the bleeding. A healthy Matt Dumba would be nice too. – Patterson

Previously: 20th

22. Vancouver Canucks (17-18-4) ▲

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🎁: A shield for their young stars. The Canucks can’t have Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser trying to police themselves on the ice. They’re easy targets and need to be protected. – Patterson

Previously: 30th

23. Ottawa Senators (15-18-4) ▼

🎁: An eraser. The story of the 2018-19 Ottawa Senators has been ugly so far, from the ongoing ownership issues to the Uber video scandal. Everyone in this organization would benefit from starting over. – Patterson

Previously: 21st

24. Carolina Hurricanes (15-15-5) ▼

🎁: Bigger nets. The Hurricanes lead the league in shots per game but have the second-fewest goals. This should also help provide owner Tom Dundon with more 5-4 games, which he really enjoys. – Patterson

Previously: 22nd

25. Detroit Red Wings (15-17-6)

🎁: A new social security number, because the identity of this Red Wings organization has been stolen. – Patterson

Previously: 25th

26. St. Louis Blues (14-16-4) ▲

🎁: Unlimited long-distance calling. Rumors are swirling about the Blues becoming major sellers as the trade deadline approaches. – Patterson

Previously: 27th

27. Arizona Coyotes (16-18-2) ▼

🎁: An offer sheet for Arizona native Auston Matthews. Dream big, right? – Patterson

Previously: 23rd

28. Philadelphia Flyers (15-16-4) ▼

Len Redkoles / National Hockey League / Getty

🎁: Nothing. Christmas came early for the Flyers … twice. Gritty is a gift that keeps on giving and unwrapping Carter Hart in mid-December is an early present that should tide Philly over until next year. – Patterson

Previously: 24th

29. Chicago Blackhawks (13-20-6) ▲

🎁: Chicago Bears tickets. It’s the only way the Blackhawks will get a taste of the postseason in 2019. – Patterson

Previously: 31st

30. New Jersey Devils (12-16-7) ▼

🎁: A cloning device. How nice would another Taylor Hall be? Kyle Palmieri is having a career year attempting to match Hall’s production, but the Devils need another superstar to help carry the offensive load. – Patterson

Previously: 28th

31. Los Angeles Kings (14-20-3) ▼

🎁: A horseshoe. The Kings will need the luck when the first overall pick is on the line during the draft lottery. – Patterson

Previously: 29th

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