Is a Scam?

Log into the system click a couple links and make income for a lifetime, what’s interesting about this program is that you can sign up for free but as soon as you sign up you a get a message that says the following:


Please be aware that you will not earn commissions until you have upgraded your account. To maximize your earnings upgrade and activate your account today!.


I hate SWREG and Digital River

About a year ago I had a terrible experience with SWREG, what happened to me is that I signed up for a program that turned out to be a major scam, when I wanted to cancel their subscription payments, I could not contact SWREG or digital River for that matter. I sent them emails; I searched the internet for a phone number I couldn’t get a hold of them with. I think that’s why the narrator of the makes mention of clickbank in a negative way.

Whether you’re a fan of clickbank or not Clickbank is for the customer, Digial River and SWREG on the other hand is for the merchant. I think that’s how the owner(s) of we’re able to make so much money. Because they scammed people and the people they did scam we’re not able to get a refund.

Final thoughts on

Anything that has to do with SWREG should be avoided in my opinion. If you don’t believe me just type SWREG in Google and see what happens. I highly recommend staying away from this program and it’s many up-sells. That being said don’t let me personal opinion stop you from joining auto profit machine.

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