By and far many people see America as a glowing land with unlimited opportunities and a much better life for their families and themselves. Sadly many people will get caught up in different scams in their need to travel there as quickly or safely as possible. Generally, finding a professional Houston family lawyer can be a first step to legal or illegal aliens to help avoid any scams.

There is no real one type of individual that will get targeted by the people who use these scams. They often target wealthy people just as much as the middle and the poorer class. The only true requirement to get fooled by these people is the strong desire to relocate to America and the lack of working knowledge for how the system is designed to work for honest immigrants.

One of the commonly used scams is the old telephone scam. A person calls up the immigrant and then claims there are some important issues with their alien legal status. They will request very personal information like your a-number social security number or passport number. Though they will be long winded about what issues need resolved, they generally dodge very specific questions. They offer to remedy any issues after you make a easy and untraceable cash payment to them.

Another typical scam is called the notario publico. In Latin American countries the overall duties and job of notario publicos is considerably different than what they do in America. In Latin American countries they are high cost attorneys that deal specifically with special cases like issues about immigration. In America this is not their job.

Instead they are people appointed by the government to witness people signing legal papers. They are not schooled or authorized to offer any legal advice to anybody under any circumstances. Even if they have good intentions any legal advice should be suspect because they are not trained attorneys.

There are also bogus businesses that advertise they can guarantee many benefits like a social security card, visa, green card and work permits. They will often charge high prices for forms that are really free from the state. They also generally offer expedited services for those people paying high fees. These are simply lies used to confuse good people and take away their money.

There are also many websites online that offer many of these same scams. Like brick building businesses they are just as fake. Sometimes they try to use the visa lottery to fool people. The visa lottery is a special case though that has free forms with instructions for how to fill them out. If somebody claims they will get you this kind of visa, they are basically lying to you.

Part of avoiding scammers is understanding what to look for when beginning the paperwork to gain your legal entry to the US. Finding an honest Houston family lawyer who will help with immigration issues can save you, money, heartache and the from last time from dealing with the incorrect people. Do not be afraid to ever ask for help from a trusted licensed professional.

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