Car breakdowns are unavoidable and require the great attention of every car owner. Prevention is always better than cure. That is the reason why there are more and more car owners choose to bring their vehicles to auto service center for regular maintenance. However, you do not need to bring your car to the service center every time your car breaks down. In this article, you can find great handy tips which help you solve simple situations.

Asking for the Original Equipment Manufacturer parts is recommended in case the mechanics tell you to replace any car parts. The generic parts can do the job and are much less expensive, but OEM parts have the exact specifications which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. You may have to spend a little bit more to have OEM parts, but trust me, it worths your investment.

Auto repair shops which display certifications will be the choice of many car owners. Although the certifications do not guarantee that the shop will do the quality job, they are reliable signs that the chance you can get a proper car repair job done is higher. Make sure you look closer to check if the certifications are genuine and current.

It is recommended to check if the mechanic has worked on your car make and model before. Experience plays a crucial role in doing a good or bad auto repair job. There are auto models which require special repair and maintenance. If you believe your car needs special repair service, then you should take your car to a dealer. Of course you will have to pay an extra to get your auto serviced at the dealer.

Auto washing should be done no matter what the weather is. Many people still think they just need to wash their cars in summer. Actually, in rainy seasons, the sand and salt are the primary reasons leading to rust and abrasion. Therefore, make sure your car is dried carefully on a regular basis.

Well-organized records play an important role in helping the mechanic diagnose and solve the problems faster. You should keep a record everytime you have your car repaired and serviced. Not only the mechanic, you, the owner, can benefit from these records as well. These records should be in a proper order to avoid repetitive repairs and waste of money.

Repairing a car can be very expensive if you do not know the tips above. Before taking your car to an auto shop, make sure you ask your friends or family members if they have any good references. You can also do some research online to see a list of auto shops near your house and then filter the good ones based on the feedback provided by previous clients.

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