The research on the DACA gives reasons why people get to be chased away from a foreign country which they may have been for a long period of time. It is very common for one to find out that someone was born in a certain country but has been living in another country for a longer period of time than expected. There is a time the government of such a state may decide to tell such people to go home.

When one get to be informed on DACA they get to be careful with how they invest in foreign countries. There is no need of one to go ahead and start buying properties in a place where they will need to migrate from. It is rather advised that one can get the money but put their investments in their mothers land.

The government may decide to chase away such people especially if their land is safe for them to live there. If the government decides so, one is given a specific period of time by which they should have left the country. If the person does not do as expected they are transported home as soon as possible. This means that one may not even get time to pack their things.

Sometime when one becomes mentally deficient the country may decide to take such a person home. At some point this is really realistic and is supposed to be done as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that the person requires a lot of care. If the person was living alone, they cannot get anyone to look after them. This is why it is always emphasized that they go to their parents.

Most people go to other countries to study. They are given a visa card stating when they should go back to their land. The visa only allows one to be in that country for the years that one has to study till they graduate. Some countries allow one to renew the visa card while other countries do not. If one in such a country they are expected to travel home as soon after graduation. If one does not do that they get transported home with the aircraft which is flying by that time. This can be even a cargo plane and one does not even carry their things, taken as loss.

The governments always send those people out of the country because they are just benefiting from the government resources more than the real citizens. They are thus forced to be out of the country by a specific date. Such a person can apply for more years in the country and prove that they want to be there since they are economically necessary.

The country government may decide to send away such people because they feel that they benefit a lot. Some country may be trying to improve the economy of the state. They send such people home so that they can deal with their own people alone.

The research on the DACA is of great help. Any person planning to go to a foreign country is advised to be back when their visa expires. Home land is always the best.

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