$67 is the full price or you can take their 14-day Trial for $33  if you visit their trial page you’ll get a message that says something like “You get everything you see on this page including a limited edition hard copy of the Belly Fat Free Book shipped to your home for a payment of $33 today and then the balance of $34 in 14 days. This is a total of $67. Shipping is FREE! Fill out the form now.” Bottom line you’ll be pay around $67 for Josh Bezoni’s Belly fat free program which in my opinion isn’t that bad.

Some very good freebies in the ebook

In my opinion there are is very good information in those free ebooks that Josh Bezoni is giving away. You can definitely tell that he did his research. Some would argue that what Josh has in his free ebooks is nothing more than recycled material I disagree I think it can be very useful. At the end of the day it’s up to the individual to take the steps necessary to lose his or her’s desired weight. Also I think that free quick tips does deliver some may want more detail but it’s free and most freebies are in reality just teasers anyway to get you to buy.

Final thoughts on Josh Bezoni’s

As long as he is delivering his products to his customers as promised and not over charging peoples credit cards I would not call him or his belly fat free product a scam. With any weight loss product or diet the truth is result may vary what may work for me might not work for you. Another to remember is to include diet and exercise bith are important and keep the body healthy. If you’re looking for a diet supplement consider clicking here it works great.

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