This type of scam annoys me and what angers me most is this bullsh*t link “” For future reference when you see a link that looks suspicious pay attention to the unfamiliar portion of the link in the instance of break it down like this if there is already  then there doesn’t need to be a  the keyword in this instance being the “.com” If you’ve already seen a “.ca” there shouldn’t be a “.com” in the same link. If you see three dots in the same link beware it could be a scam. So if you see this or a link like this in the future you know it’s a scam.

So from now on whenever you see or meet someone online or offline with this problem tell them what I just told you in this blog post! Furthermore please share this link or this message with a friend this crap is ridiculous and needs to stop! What angers me the most is if you visit there is nothing there no website no one to contact yet these spammers steal peoples phone numbers.