Is a scam?

I was reading a post on answers where some mysterious person claims that is not a scam but many of the forums I belong to claim otherwise. Now first thing I want to explain about penny auction websites is the mere fact that nothing and I mean nothing is being sold for pennies. In order to participate at you must purchase a bid pack the cheapest bidpack is currently being sold for $59.25 which gives you 75 bids. What’s more important to note is that every bid you place is not 1 cent it’s actually $0.59-$0.89 cents. So again I ask the question how is this a penny auction?

If you win and they don’t deliver your goods then they’re a scam!

The penny auction business is a very risky business endeavor for the owners. The reason for this is because most of the people that don’t win at penny auctions typically never come back, what this means is that penny auction owners have to keep advertising to keep their business afloat. The term ‘penny’ in penny auctions nothing more than a marketing gimmick, as discussed earlier nothing is being sold for a penny there. Understanding this; the way to classify a penny auction as a scam is if they’re not delivering their prizes to their customers.

Is delivering prizes to their winners?

If you won and and didn’t receive your winning prize please leave a comment below warning others. It’s important for people to know if isn’t delivering their goods that’s how we keep these penny auctions from scamming people. I’ve joined a penny auction website in the past that scammed me. I won and they didn’t deliver anything. If didn’t deliver on their promise please leave a comment below it helps others.