Is a scam?

Based on my personal review I don’t think the method is a scam actually to date I’ve seen several methods and most to a degree will work but if you don’t have a large amount of capital you’ll inevitably run into problems that will make it hard to succeed which is why Binary options are a bit ify to me. There’s another thing you have to watch out for with the companies that is recommending and that’s deposit and withdrawl amounts.

Now the reason why websites like exist is because binary options are risky and most people after getting into them typically don’t go back once they realise how the game works. Now I wouldn’t call binary options a total scam but I’m one of those that feel like the game is rigged and that’s why there are so many sales people trying to get people to join.

I personally prefer dividend paying stocks that have a history of paying their shareholders with binary options trading you will need a method that works for you and that’s exactly what is providing however binary options in my opinion is not that type of platform that you want to use a method that a lot of other people are using. Both and are brokers located in Cyprus. Personally I’ve never heard of these brokers until brought them to my attention and being that I have some knowledge about how that industry works from an affiliate standpoint buyers beware that may only be recommending them because and are paying a huge commission which is one of the largest driving forces in stock trading as most of you already know.

I don’t think is a scam but I’m not recommending them. As many of you know Germany is the leader when it comes to trading nothing beats German efficiency that’s been my experience and German Binary Robot to date has yielded me the best results with minimal effort you will need an email to see the presentation.

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