Reviews – Is It Legit or Is it a Scam?

Did you bump into one of those scammy Zulander Hack websites? Maybe the domain name was or something like that. A european man telling you how much money you can make if you simply follow “The Proven Money Making System”. I hope you didn’t fall for that stuff because for the most part Binary options are proven to be scams. The people that make money at binary options are usually the brokers, the affiliates and binary brokerages themselves. The people that deposit money into the binary brokers are typically the losers which is why Zulander Hack had to create such an elaborate website to trick you into signing up. For those of you living in Canada you may want to consider reading this CBC article about Binary Options and how it’s scamming people the link is below:
Binary options — the latest investment scam that’s costing victims everything
For those of you still stubborn enough to had over your hard earned money to or any other binary options trading platform, allow me to sell you on the idea of how not to get scammed by binary options trading. Investing in general is risky when you don’t have training or experience. In Canada investing is in legitimate companies has regulations and the basic reasons for these regulations is because majority of the Canadian population has not been taught any financial education which leaves majority of you susceptible to “get rich quick” schemes or “The Proven Money Making System”.

Am I saying is a scam? Well I’m sure not calling BinaryUno legit based on my reviews. Based on my review I’d avoid Binary Uno like the plague. Think of this way if was such a great website making people all this money why would and Zulander Hack have to sell you on joining? How does Binary Options trading work? Well you basically hand your money over to a brokerage and you have to make a PROFIT before you can withdraw your money. Key word in all of that is the word “profit”. This is so risky and not worth the time it’s not even funny. But hey I understand some of you would rather do things your own way. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. No I do not recommend, Zulander Hack or If I were you I’d stay far, far away from that scum.

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