Blogging to the bank by far is the worst training I’ve ever seen and I feel sorry for anyone that fell for this crap. The program itself is not even worth the $1 trial it offers. This piece of crap program also has Upsells the first one is for $197 and the second one is for $297. The program itself is so garbage that I honestly think that they planned to scam people and this is what bothers me. Let me explain the reason why I can’t stand

Introducing to you to you all of this hard work uses wordpress blogs to train their users not only do they use wordpress blogs but they give you the same old free garbage that’s being told all over the net for free. Their upsells take the creating a wordpress blog load off your back and then they follow all of this up with coaching. What angers me about is the fact that they do all of this knowing that all of this information can be obtained for free.

WordPress is free and they do this knowing that this is not what they’re physically doing to make so much money online. In fact i’m positive most of the money their making is selling blogging to the bank related products. I highly recommend avoiding it really does SUCK