The internet has become so much a part of everyday life and it is increasingly turning to be the hub around which we organize most of our activities. There are millions of websites thronging the internet, they range from personal websites to entirely business related ones. Website hosting is a critical part of what makes the internet function. Businesses, regardless of the scale are flocking the internet to acquire their own website. Given the current trend, “website hosting” has now become quite a common term. But what exactly is the concept of website hosting?

Website hosting generally means storing and publishing information pages at a space provided by a website hosting provider from where people can access those pages via the World Wide Web. There are a lot of website hosting options available in the market today. There are free website hosting plans which have sponsored advertisements on the hosted web pages. There are others who offer their services at a very minimal fee but still retain all the perks that you may be after. There are servers who offer enterprise level premium fee based web hosting plans which are typically used by businesses and organizations.

There are scores of website hosting options, plans or packages that are out in the market today. There are free website hosting plans which are suited for individuals or for new businesses with a small budget for their presence in the internet. There are others who offer their services at a very affordable cost while retaining all the features that you may need. These are called paid website hosting which is great for established businesses or organizations, and provides more storage and features for the hosted website.

When you have made up your mind that you would need the services of a webhost, then you have to take into consideration several factors in order to end up with the right one for your website. Check the bandwidth and disk space being offered to you. The bandwidth refers to the amount of data traffic that can take place between your website and the internet. If your website has sufficient amount of bandwidth, then it would be easier for potential visitors to view your site. In case you don’t have enough bandwidth, data files such as images, audio and video will not be able to load quickly onto your web page. This could discourage those attempting to use your website. Security and privacy are also of paramount importance, especially if you intend to use the website for business purposes. It would be wise to contact the website hosting company and inquire about their security and privacy features, and then compare them with other website hosts. You can then sift through the details and come up with the best webhost which could accommodate all your needs.

The next stage would be picking the appropriate hosting type. There are many types of hosting, among which are shared hosting, virtual private web server, and a dedicated server. Shared website hosting accommodates multiple websites on a single server by allocating each site its own portion of server space. Almost all web hosting companies today provide shared web hosting feature to their clients. Shared hosting is also called virtual hosting, its is appropriate for low budget and entry-level hosting services. It can provide adequate disk space and bandwidth for most personal or small-business websites. A virtual private server (VPS), also known as collocation is best suited for websites that require advanced functions such as load-balancing and clustering, custom software, and hardware configurations. A dedicated server is owned by a single user and is accorded complete rights over it. This means your website does not share storage space on a server with any other client. Your site has private access to the server it’s hosted on. Dedicated server is the best option if you have a busy or intricate website but you don’t want to operate your own server.

This is basically an overview of website hosting. You may need to conduct further research and dig into the core of website hosting so that you can make the right choice as to your host, hosting type, and your hosting plan. Once you become familiar with the entire concept and you become well equipped with its intricacies, then you will realize that website hosting is enjoyable and profitable.

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