buxricka.com Scam

To this day I still wonder how people fall victim to these types of programs. I guess most people just have to learn the hard way. What’s worse is that most of the people that get scammed or feel like they’re being scammed never read or investigate anything; in fact most of the people that get scammed won’t even bother reading this post. I was once told that being naive and being lazy we’re the worse traits to embrace what I find alarming however is how many naive and lazy people I meet every single day.

Have you read the comments at the buxricka.com forum?

Bux.to still to this day is one of the most successful Bux scams online and they we’re able to pull this off with an excellent marketing strategy. They create fake testimonials they made fake forum posts and they only paid their upgraded members and the members that sent them the most referrals. buxricka.com on the other hand took on another approach they allow people to leave whatever comment they want in their forum and also they tell people the truth in their TOS (Terms of service)

Buxricka.com Terms of Service

Have you read the buxricka.com TOS? If you haven’t you should check it out. Their terms of service can be found by going to http://www.buxricka.com/pages/tos. Their numbers 1 statement in their Terms of service state the following:


Your click $6 B
Your Ref Click $3 B (For Upgrade member )

$1000 B = $ 1
Every $1000 you make in Buxricka = $1 Real

Final Thoughts on Buxricka.com

buxricka.com is using a very deceptive marketing strategy to grow their membership base, none the less people continue to join and hope to get paid by them. Personally I recommend staying away, that being said I’m not here to tell anyone what to do with their time and their money. No company can afford to pay more than 2 cents per email in United States currency. The reason for this is because it would be nearly impossible to find advertisers. I will end this post here.

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