If you are looking for Criminal Records California, they are under the custody of the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Each county within the state forwards all files that relate to crimes to the department. The files are categorized as part of public records, thus making them available for public access. The department welcomes requests from any person, considering that the correct steps are observed.

Police enforcers are visible on the streets of California. However, it is still nowhere near easy to safeguard the safety and security of people because it is a big state and it is largely populated. Fortunately, with the availability of criminal files, the citizens of California will become knowledgeable of important details that can help them avoid being victimized by law violators.

There are many useful details you can obtain from a criminal file and they are highly valuable if you want to check the background of certain individuals. There are two kinds of application form for obtaining the files and they can be obtained from the online database that the Department of Justice maintains; one is called the California Background Check Request Form and the other is called a Live Scan Form. There are several particulars that need to be supplied by the requestor before submitting the selected request form. If the form chosen is a Live Scan Form, the requestor can head to a local police department or a sheriff’s office that performs a live scan. There is a charge of $25 for a copy of criminal files, plus another charge for getting the live scan. The charge for the live scan depends on which county it is performed.

You may request your own record if you want to. If you find some inaccurate information in it, secure the Claim of Alleged Inaccuracy or Incompleteness form so the proper corrections can be made. If you want to request the record of another person, you have to have the authorization from the court or from the Department of Justice. State why you want to obtain the record and if your reason is valid, you will be given an authorization but will only get the basic details such as the name of the criminal, the nature of the crime/s, when and where the crime/s was committed. It may also include the personal details of the criminals such as the home address, physical attributes, occupation, and many others. If the record is currently being used in an investigation, it will not be available to the public.

There are service providers available on the Internet that caters to maintaining and supplying criminal records to the public. There are two types of service providers available: fee-based and free ones. The former can supply you with a comprehensive set of information while the later can only you supply you the basics. Be careful when choosing a service provider because not all of them are credible. Perform a background check on them first so you can assess their credibility.

If you have decided which service provider to use, make sure that you know the full name of the owner of the Criminal Record that you want to obtain. If the name is too common, provide additional information so you can filter the results and have a better chance of finding the exact record.

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