The state of California is an open state. This means that the residents have access to their personal documents. California arrest records are only one of the many documents that have been opened to the public. This was done to promote awareness and caution among the people.

Many would request for a copy of their arrest records to verify what is stated there. By checking one’s personal records, errors and incorrect information can be corrected. Conducting a background check is one of the primary uses of an arrest record. Employers are among the people who request for such documents. They use it in filtering out their employees and applicants. By using it as reference, they would be able to prevent problems caused by the people in the workplace. Authorities and investigators also refer to this document when they are investigating a criminal case. In some cases, it becomes the missing piece to an investigation.

Records of arrest that can be obtained in California have details about the offenses that an individual has committed. The charge that was filed against the arrested individual is also documented on the report. The document would not be complete without the name of the individual as well as other personal information such as the birth details. Additional details that can be found on the record are the information about the arrest such as the place and the date as well as the manner of how the person was placed in custody.

In order to process the retrieval of an arrest record, one has to provide the basic information of the record of interest. This does not only mean the name of the involved individual but also other details like the birth details or the Social Security number of the person involved. It would also help if one can provide the details of the arrest when conducting the search. Aside form that, the requesting individual has to indicate their personal information on the request form. In California, the record is only released if the one requesting it is the person himself or those who has special request. One has to pay 10 cents per page so the actual charge would depend on the number of pages on the report. There may be additional charges if the search becomes complicated.

In California, the Public Records Ombudsman manages the arrest files of the state. The said office is where one can request for a copy of the document. Mail requests are also accepted in this office and most likely prioritize such request because it is properly documented. Problems can be encountered with this method of retrieval if the requirements are incomplete. One has to wait for a 10 days in order for the results to be sent to the requesting individual.

The Internet has hastened the arrest search process. With this, the long wait time can be avoided as well as the need to travel and go to an office. One can do the search even without leaving home and the results are obtained in just seconds instead of the traditional 10 days.

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