California State is well-known as the most densely-inhabited of the 50 United States. Because of the huge number of inhabitants in this region, the government finds it essential to preserve all accounts of court cases in California. If you want to verify your own criminal background data, you can check-out criminal records California.

The state’s Department of Justice maintains all criminal records in the locality. But these reports are not of public domain. There are specific regulations imposed by the state which controls the access to such documents. The cost for the retrieval of a criminal data is $25.00 and this amount must be paid to the said bureau. An individual who desire to get hold of a copy of a criminal file is obliged to secure a live fingerprint scan. The Office of the Sheriff and the police department in your area can supply you with the fingerprint services but keep in mind that the fees may differ from county to county. You must accomplish the live scan form which you can find in the Internet and write down your purpose for your petition. You must also provide a photocopy of your valid photo ID to complete your fingerprint scan. You can also browse the Internet if you want to know about the location of the live scans.

If you live outside the state of California, you must secure a manual fingerprint card and be sure to indicate your full name, date of birth and your complete mailing address in your request. The next thing you have to do is to submit the said papers along with your payment in the form of check or money order to the Records Review Division of the Department of Justice.

To verify a certain criminal record in the state usually takes around 2 to 3 days but there are instances when the processing time would take up to 2 weeks. The said agency also allows background check on the basis of the criminal accounts. The best office to approach if you want to get any information regarding arrest records in the state is the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The said division can provide you details on an inmate’s present location and his or her CDC identification number. But details about the date of release of the person incarcerated will not be disclosed.

A criminal report can be examined by the concerned individuals in order to make any correction or to review their own records for accuracy. It is very helpful that you have the particulars about your file like the case number, the kind of conviction, the section numbers you were found guilty of, and whether you were on probation or if there were fines you had to pay.

Certain criminal records regarding sex offenders and inmates who are presently confined at the Department of Correction are made available to the public. You can gain access to these files through the various online sites in any location you are, any hour of the day.

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