For employers who are checking potential applicants or those who want to make sure if they have records, they can do so by visiting the Office of Attorney General’ website. California arrest records are public records; however, not all records are available to the public especially criminal records. Law enforcement agents and agencies that are authorized by the DOJ have the sole access to the records; however, one can retrieve one’s own criminal records. For those who are looking for current inmates, they can do so by checking the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation site.

For residents of California, they are required to submit a fingerprint image scan and pay a $25 processing fee. The applicants are requested to download and fill up the Live Scan form. Applicants should choose the type of application they need and indicate the reason for the application. Take the application form to any of the fingerprint service centers. The fingerprint service can be accessed through local police departments or any establishments that are authorized by the DOJ. Some service centers charge other fees aside from the $25, which is mandatory by the DOJ, for rolling feed or any other fees.

For residents that do not live in California, they can obtain a copy of their criminal records by first obtaining a copy of the State Summary Criminal History Records, which is available in the state’s website. The applicant must submit the form together with the fingerprint card and the fees should be addressed to the California Department of Justice. The DOJ Office only accepts checks or money orders.

The normal processing time takes about seven business days and for individuals who apply through agencies, they can get their result from the agency center. There are some cases when the processing will be extended and follow up is necessary to resolve the matter. Poor fingerprint quality scan, incorrect information and records with positive results are some of the common contributing factors causing processing delays. For follow up, applicants can avail of the automated phone system to make their inquiries.

Applicants with criminal records can remove certain types of criminal records they have. This is essential as those who were arrested but had no charges filed may have their job opportunity hampered with arrest records. The first thing that applicants should do is to learn the cause of their conviction. Several forms are provided by the State so that applicants might choose the best one for them. Applicants are eligible to have the case against them dismissed if they had conducted minor misdemeanor and non-traffic infractions. A payment of $120 is charged if the service contains a probation order and a $60 for one’s request with no probation.

There are ways for one to obtain arrest records free; one is through online means. Some companies or sites offer limited information on the case and a full version can be sent to the researcher for a certain fee. Another way is to check the local police department especially if one is checking an applicant. One can check for any driving cases filed against the person or on the researcher. Some local law enforcement agencies require the researcher to present their request and other documents, which is why it is important to phone the local law enforcement agency before one goes there in person. For researchers who are looking for sex offenders, they can do so by accessing the Megan Law online portal in the official website.

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