In the US, the number of divorces is quite high. According to Statistics, one in three marriages typically ends up in divorce. California is not an exception to this. In fact, divorce in California is now around 60 percent. Hence, if you are planning to get wed, it is important that you know more about the person you want to marry so as to avoid getting a divorce. Should you wish to obtain a copy of your own divorce decree or review and investigate the particulars of somebody else’s divorce record, requesting access for California divorce records can be done through the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Public Health.

In the State of California, records of divorce that occurred from 1962 to 1984 are the only records kept in the Office of the Vital Statistics, Department of Public Health. Bear in mind that the records the Vital Statistics provide are not certified copies. Certified copies of divorce records and divorces that happened after 1984 can only be obtained from the county’s Superior Court where the divorce was filed.

In California, authorized copies of vital records can only be obtained by the individuals named on the record, their parents, and certain other individuals or entities specified in law. If you are neither one of these, you may have to settle for an informational copy. In case of background checks, you’ll only be given informational copies which also indicate the basic information you need to know about the separation of the individuals involved, but not as much information you can obtain through the certified copy.

After which, you have to file a request for the divorce record you want to obtain. For security purposes, the agencies mentioned above will have to ask you to fill out a record request form before they can grant you access to divorce records. Such form may be obtained online or directly from the Vital Statistics Office or the Superior Court. A payment of $13 for the processing fee is requisite.

In filing a request, you have to fill out a request form and mail it to the Vital Records Department or to the Superior Court along with the pertinent fee. In California, unlike other states where you send the request to the Department of Health and Vital Records, the records request is sent to California Department of Public Health. The usual waiting time for requests such as divorce records takes about several weeks to six months. The results can either be mailed or picked up. In case no record is found, the state will issue a Certificate of No Public Record. However, the fee will be retained as search payment; and this is in accordance to the state’s law.

Today, divorce is becoming increasingly common and therefore more culturally acceptable. Where divorcees would once be shunned and pitied, it’s now rarer to think ill of someone who has gone through a divorce. Should you wish to obtain marriage and divorce records in California in a fast and easy way, then you pull a quick background check over such records online. Several online service providers are all over the web ranging from free to fee based. Such online record providers can provide you the records you need in a matter of minutes instead of the usual weeks to months of waiting time. Not only will you be able to save time, but also, you can also save money and effort through such service providers.

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