The number of divorce records being filed in California is increasing. CA divorce records are among the documents that the local residents of California can request anytime and because of this it has become one of the most requested documents in the state.

Divorce records are used in a number of ways in California. When dealing with transactions in the government, it is one of the documents required in when processing insurance related matters of the divorced couple. The divorce certificate is also needed when the divorcees would update their assets and properties. Genealogy is also another use of such document, however, it is the least document being checked compared to other public documents. Although, it is the least document used for genealogy, it can still create problems when the separation of a couple is not updated in a timely manner. Another use of such document is when a divorced individual applies for marriage again. Without the said document, marriage application may be denied.

One can only find the basic details about the separation of a couple such as when and where the couple had their separation legalized. The names of the divorcees are indicated on the record together with their marriage information. Unfortunately, details such as the reason why the divorce was filed are kept confidential. Aside from this, one cannot find information about the agreement about the custody of the children and tier assets and properties.

Although, the divorce certificate is a public document, access to it is limited only to the divorcees and their direct family. A court order has to be presented when one needs to access the divorce files of other individuals. One should know the basic details of the record being requested. The requesting individual is required to indicate their contact details on the request form. By doing all of these, the search can be made easier.

The residents of California cannot get a copy of a divorce certificate from the office of the Vital Statistics office. Instead they need to go to the county where the separation was made legal. Fees would not be the same for all counties. In cases where the county where the separation was granted is not known, one can get this information from the Vital Statistics office for only $13. This is only allowed if the records were registered between the years 1962 and 1984. The county offices now accept mailed-in requests but all of the requirements and needed information has to be included on the envelope. The payment has to be included as well and it can be via check or money order. The processing of the request can take up to 14 business days.

The long wait can be avoided by using the Internet to obtain the divorce certificate. A lot of websites are now offering their services to obtain the document without any hassle and delay. A free divorce records search can even be done by using the free services of some websites. Although there are free searches online, many would still go for the paid search to get quality results.

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