When an individual disobeys the rules of the nation or a state, an arrest record is generated for that person. Arrest records of California, better known as CA Arrest Records, are issued only to the local residents of California when they have committed crimes in the state. This type of document is one of the many documents that have been opened to the public, which means that the residents of California can access the arrest files whenever they need it.

Background check is one of the tope reasons for requesting such documents. Owners of businesses would refer to this document to check on the background of their people. They do this regularly to make sure that the ones who work for them are qualified and trustworthy. By doing so, the company can eventually avoid problems in the workplace. It is not only employers who conduct a background check but also ordinary citizens of the state would do so. People would like to feel secured in the surroundings that they live in thus they check on the records of the people around them such as neighbors, friends, caretakers and even relatives. Investigators and authorities of the state would use this document in their investigation.

An arrest record would contain the arrest details such as the date and the place where the person was arrested or placed in custody. One would also know how the arrest was conducted through the documentation made by the officer in charge. All of the crimes and the offenses of the person can also be found on the file and this includes the charges and the sentence that the individual received. All of this information is only opened to the public once the case is closed.

One is only given access to their personal arrest files. Others who need to access the records of other individual would have to secure a special court order. The request form has to be completely filled out with the basic information of the record that is being requested. If the complete name of the involved individual is know it has to be documented on the form as well as the date and place of birth and the Social Security Number if known. By providing the necessary information, the search process can be speed up. The one who filed the request has to provide their contact details on the request form for documentation purposes. Charges and fees may differ because the actual cost is per page for 10cents each page. One should be aware that the results of the search would take up to 2 business weeks.

The Public Records Ombudsman is where the arrest records of California are being managed. The office accepts walk in request but they prefer a mailed request. Mailed requests are prioritized since it is in documented. However, this can take even longer especially if the requirements are incomplete. The search can go smooth if all of the required documents are mailed in the request.

Retrieval of a public arrest record in the state of California is now available through the Internet. Doing the search online is easier and faster since there is no need to go to any office and the results are displayed on the computer screen almost instantly. Several websites now even offer to get the document. Some would even let the users search without paying a cent.

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