Canada Revenue Agency SPAM EMAIL MESSAGES September 2016

Clearly the Canada Revenue Agency has an email spam problem going on, and clearly they’ve been hacked which in my opinion doesn’t reflect well on them. The Canada Revenue Agency SPAM email messages are targeted towards Canadian taxpayers, it appears that they have all the email addresses and their sending emails to actual Canadian tax-payers which really makes you wonder. The spam email messages as of September 2016 commonly state the following:


You are eligible to receive a tax refund of 214.17 CAD.

Submit the tax refund form and allow us 5 – 6 business days to process the information.
Canada Revenue Agency CA716501.

Follow this secure page to complete the process.


The hyperlinks of the actual spammy emails go to a number of Vietnamese(Vn) or .com extensions based on my personal experiences. The strange part to all of this is the timing. which to me signifies that this Canada Revenue Agency scam has been well thought out and targeted. My advice to anyone reading this is not to click the links in those spam email message posts. Chances are if you do these scammers may gain access to your private information. If the Canada Revenue Agency let them send a letter. This is the reason why in my personal view there are certain things that shouldn’t be 100% digital.

I’m also of the belief that there needs to be more education about these scams, how to spot them and what not to do. My advice is don’t click links in emails that ask you for personal information. Anyway that’s it for now.