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Is a Scam?

If you bumped into a site with Jenn Donahue telling you how to get the money the government owes you I would recommend ignoring and leaving this scam immediately especially if you live in Canada. If you live in Canada you should be aware that any money owed to you from the government can be obtained for free all you need to do is contact them or visit a Canadian government website and contact them.

Is a scam as well?

In my opinion yes is a scam and personally I hope it’s shut down as soon as possible. Don’t believe the hype people I know many of the people reading this are desperate for some money but trust me when I say that and are in fact scams or websites I think you should avoid. Again especially when it comes to Canada you should contact the government for any information you need do not trust some random website that posts a Canadian check that they probably stole and edited.

Final thoughts on this scam!

I recommend staying away from both of these sites; from Canadian to Canadian I’m telling you to stay away its B.S! If you’re looking for a legit Canadian Grant contact the HRDC and ask them to help you get one getting a Canadian grant is not complicated. Again the HRDC website that handles grants can be found at  or just by typing Canadian Grants into Google search.

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