Is a Scam?

To start it should be noted by anyone reading this that is not a real news website it should also be noted that as of June 2012 the sole purpose of Canadian news weekly is to get people to sign up for The reason I bring up the date is because often times what happens is once one of the scams are exposed fake news websites such as will simply change the company they’re promoting s if you’re reading this blog post after June 2012 and things seem a bit different on from how I explain them here than you know that they’ve moved on to promoting something else.

Not here to tell people what to do with their money

I don’t write blog posts to tell people what to do with their money I prefer people coming to their own conclusions about things all I’m doing here is trying to open some of your eyes to the deceitful marketing tactics currently being used by I understand many of you could care less about the marketing tactics being used but from my experience what starts in deceit often ends in deceit so if you decide to sign up with or anything else being offered by don’t be surprised if things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

Final thoughts on

I honestly thought they would stop making these fake news websites by now apparently they haven’t I guess because they continue to bring in sales. Personally I would avoid using but don’t let my personal thoughts stop you from giving their recommendation(s) a try.

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