Is a scam?

Is a scam? Well the answer is of course it is. This scam seems to have a working formula because it’s been repeated using multiple domain names over and over and over again. I actually wrote about this scam in 2016, you can read about it by going to this post In that post I talk about another domain name running the exact same scam as

The only difference between and are the binary option brokers and their seperate domain names. How this  scam works is they get you or want you to deposit money into a binary options broker. They promise that you’ll make a profit, they make it extremely easy for you to pay them. However it’s very hard for you to get your profits out of the binary broker. In as simple terms as I can explain that’s how the canuckmethodprofit or “The Canuck Method” works. Any review or reviews claiming that The Canuck Method is legit are probably trying to scam you into joining their scam.

Again it’s also important for you to grasp that when it comes to you depositing your money to whatever binary broker The Canuck Profit is recommending that you have to make a profit before withdrawing money. Ultimately whatever you want to do with your money is up to you but what I’m writing to tell you in this post is that is a scam so don’t be surprised to find out that everything is promoting is nothingmore than lies. The nail in the coffin for should be the fact that on their Youtube page they disabled comments and the ability to thumbs up or thumbs down their video. It wouldn’t surprise if this video gets flagged down but here is the you tube link

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