The change in our society today is drastic and has come in a variety of forms. Technology has changed the way that we live our lives. Food and biotech is changing the way that we eat and stay healthy. And the battle of the the sexes still rages on, yet at times it seems the women are winning. Even car reviews for women are appealing to manufacturers more today than ever before.

There is a thought process that goes into the design of a new car, and while us regular folks might never truly understand all of the facets of it, the one thing that we do know is they at some point have to decide if the car will be for a male or female driver. It might seem a bit odd, but it does enter the conversation.

Pick up any magazine like Road and Track or Car and Driver and you will see exactly why this is a difficult task. Over 95% of the ads within the magazine are aimed at men. The cars themselves and the articles about them are even written for a male audience. The words used are all buzz words that men use when talking about cars in the garage with their buddies.

Some of these items might be a bit far fetched for some, but for others they are right on. The fact of the matter is that the people who are making these vehicles for the public will do almost anything to try and appeal to the masses. If that means trying to make a certain car fit the needs of the female population than so be it.

But that is not all. Many times the authors will appeal to a wider audience and also start to discuss how the car might feel for a woman driver. People need to remember that guys are not the only ones to drive fast or fancy cars these days. Today there are more women buying the expensive cars than ever before. It is not uncommon to see a woman driving a Corvette or BMW.

There are millions of girls who not only drive aggressively but that are the main or only driver in the home. This is another demographic that reviewers can focus on. There are a number of ways to write the copy so that females will find it interesting. It does not necessarily have to appear in Cosmo rather than Car and Driver.

When the cars enter their final phases of testing and the reviews come out, the manufacturers pay very close attention to what the critics say. They do this not only because of the money they spent and the time and energy that went into various changes and alterations, but because the public will also listen to them.

To a certain extent the public will want to know if the car is worth their money. The car reviews for women will do the same that they do for the men. Who will be spending the money and on what car is sometimes determined by who the car is designed for and what the critics think about the design and who might be driving it in the end.

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