For individuals currently enjoying the good life, travelling on their own within their motorhome or campervan, it comes at absolutely no surprise that caravan use as well as caravan sales are booming in Australia.

Pre-purchase inspection

Whether you are investing in a brand new caravan or a used caravan, you’ll want to perform a pre-delivery or pre-purchase inspection because the very last thing you want is buyer’s remorse. Whether you get it done yourself or get someone with experience and expertise to offer you a hand, you need to make sure you inspect the caravan carefully.

To help with this, and so you don’t forget anything at all, come up with a complete check-list. But when you require some help, do not be afraid in calling in a professional to check the vehicle you’re thinking about buying.

Getting new caravan skills on board

A lot of people who right now own caravans began renting one for just a fairly brief vacation. It is a great idea to do this if you are new to caravans because there’s a lot to recognize and find out about caravanning to make it safe and pleasurable for everyone.

Buying a new or used caravan

Caravans, whether they are new or used, generally represent a significant investment for most people. Like every decision regarding new compared to used, you’ll find positives and negatives to weigh up. New caravans along with used caravans are no exception.

Size matters – a lot!

One of the primary circumstances to think about is the dimensions of caravan you think you require. The number of individuals you’ll be voyaging with is an apparent thing to consider along with the type of journey you will be doing. If you plan to do long trips, spanning significant miles each day, you will want something which requires the least amount of set up with arrival at the day-to-day destination.

Pre-owned Caravans – Pick late model with dealership guarantee

In case your spending plan can withstand it, buying a brand new caravan is always a much better proposition from the risk standpoint even though you do then face steeper devaluation in the early years after the original purchase than what you would normally encounter if purchasing a used caravan.

Numerous caravan sellers offer fairly solid warranties on late model used caravans so it’s worth thinking about the peace of mind a dealer warranty can offer if you’re weighing up a dealer versus a private vendor. Like any warranty, you need to ensure the small print makes the warranty workable as some have such onerous conditions and ‘get out’ clauses that they are fundamentally pointless.

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