Is a Scam?

In this post I will talking about namely the fake news website found at Depending on when you read this blog post may have either disappeared or may have changed the location of their fake news website. I’m going to keep this short as possible and say personally I think you should avoid joining anything associated with at the moment they’re promoting when you read this they might be promoting or recommending you join something else.

AMANDA WINSTON and Melissa Johnson from “Your nearest city” are fictional characters. Also make sure you read the bottom of the web page currently located at read the section that says “TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY READ AND AGREE TO PURCHASE TERMS BELOW BEFORE ORDERING:”

I know for most of you reading this your going to give them a try anyway all I can say is just don’t say I didn’t warn you. How these things typically work is they get you to sign up and then up-sell you over and over again. Please leave your comments regarding and below it helps others.

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