Why is it so hard for Women to get a mortgage?

An article called Women are better at paying bills, so why is it so hard for them to get a mortgage? written by Daniel Goldstein asks the question Why is it so hard for Women to get a mortgage?. The answer is simple bad media in the event of a default. If you remember during the 2008 US market crash in order to gain press sympathy often it was women in front of the cameras. If men were shown usually the men had wives and CHILDREN. If the housing market crashed today and people found out that most of the housing under foreclosure were owned by men do you really think anyone would care? Do you really think the media narrative would be what it is?

Women are better at paying bills, so why is it so hard for them to get a mortgage?

Banks measure risks as well as costs and an unmarried single woman in most instances is going to be reliant on male labour to fix her home. If on paper she’s single and her profession is not in the trades, she’s not wealthy and she has dependents as lender you have to look at the situation realistically. If you have to foreclose on this single woman and she decides to take your institution to the press (which a lot of women will do) what will be the costs to remedy that situation? Women now make up a large percentage of the workforce but the question to ask is what kinds of jobs are these women doing? I have a female friend in the trades she got accepted for mortgage with bad credit, she builds and renovates homes for a living. If something goes wrong with her house she has the skills to fix her home.

I have another female friend not exactly sure how much money she makes but my guess is she makes close to $100,000 per year (she has a well paying service sector job not entirely sure of her title) but she spends most of her income on vacations, her children (she’s a single mom) she either finances or leases her cars because she’s always driving a new one and she had a hard time qualifying for a mortgage. When she explained her situation to me I could instantly see why a bank wouldn’t qualify her but explaining it to her was way to time consuming especially when she’s cutting me off from talking.

Is this a form of discrimination? I would say so but it would be easily remedied if housing prices weren’t overvalued to begin with. The real problem here are housing prices and artificial inflation, excessive money printing is putting businesses of all types in bad positions, and we’re reaching the point where people are forgetting the entities responsible for this mess.