Has KFC chicken in Canada gotten smaller?

I usually don’t buy chicken locally, I usually buy my chicken from the in bulk from the Omish. The chickens are larger, have bigger muscles because they’re running around the farm as opposed to being cooped up in small cages and they’re more healthy because there’s no rush to raise them.

I’m writing this in October 2017 btw. The actual reason KFC chicken looks so small now is because they’re having to cut it up in smaller pieces because as they said back in April 2017

KFC to stop using chickens raised with human antibiotics

In most people’s minds they’d think well, now that KFC chickens aren’t being fed as much antibiotics they should be smaller right? WRONG! The healthier chickens KFC is ordering wholesale are actually a lot larger than before, which is why they’re cutting them up in multiple pieces now.

I ordered a toonie Tuesday today (which consists of two pieces of chicken and fries) and to be honest I couldn’t tell what piece of chicken I was eating. I’ve heard a lot of jokes about Kung pow chicken being rat or dog meat, well with this change KFC may start to get the same complaints. I couldn’t tell what their chicken was.

kfc chicken shrinking

why are kfc breasts so small

KFC better solve this problem quick or they’re going down. To get a better idea of what’s going on. Consider reading the articles below.



 So to ask all questions pertaining to kfc chicken pieces getting smaller, kfc chicken shrinking,
why are kfc breasts so small, Has kfc chicken gotten smaller why is KFC chicken so tiny. The answer lies in their policy changes. Chickens without steroids and chemicals are larger than the antibiotic steroid, infused chickens and because of this KFC is getting larger chickens which they are now cutting up smaller. This sounds like a recipe for disaster for KFC if you ask me. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how customers react. The only benefit to KFC over their competition is their drive through. I think only Swiss chalet can compete with them there.