Putin Calls Africa ‘A CEMETERY For Africans!’

An article, that may or may not be true or may or may not have been taken out of context is making its rounds all over social media. I was presented with this and instead of dealing with the back and forth I decided to find a blog that I could freely post my thoughts on. Below is the statement:

Putin Calls Africa 'A CEMETERY For Africans!'

Putin Calls Africa ‘A CEMETERY For Africans!’

“When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland.

He travels to France for Medical treatment.

He invests in Germany.

He buys from Dubai.

He consumes Chinese.

He prays in Rome or Mecca.

His children study in Europe.

He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.

If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Africa.

Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?”

First things first, that statement doesn’t sound racist, secondly, one of the reasons I tend to believe this statement even if it’s not true is because of how Russia has made Central and Western Europe dependent on it for its abundant energy resources. It’s November 25, 2018, now, and a few months ago current U.S President Donald Trump recently asked Germany to explain why it’s so dependent on Russia for its energy needs. The Germans present when Trump made this speech simply laughed at Donald Trump, however, love him or hate him, Donald Trump had a point, most of Europe is extremely dependent on Russia to heat their homes.

In case you’re wondering why most countries did nothing when Russia annexed Crimea in Ukraine is because Ukraine is still dependent on Russia to heat their homes and they have yet to change this. When Russia raised energy costs on Ukraine, the Ukrainians opposed paying the bill, which is fine but they had no solution or economic response or answer when Russia stopped giving them heat for their homes.

I bring this up not to praise Russia, but to give my readers a possible glimpse into how the Putin views the world. Most Communisitic nations take this approach to governance. Once they make you reliant on their communistic government then they’ll raise the prices on your people, not only will they raise the prices on your people, but they’ll also look to confiscate your land.

China is slowly but surely becoming a threat and major player in Africa, and they’re doing this because of the brain drain in Africa. The brain drain in Africa is the exact same thing Vladimir Putin is alluding too, however, I’m using different wording. The brain drain in Africa occurs like this, the best and brightest in Africa, when given the opportunity opt to put their money and their resources into foreign countries which helps those foreign countries and continents to build up their own economies to make them even stronger.

Whereas the smart thing to do would be for rich Africans to build and develop their own nations within Africa, and teach their people, those willing to listen anyway what’s needed to create a great robust strong economy, that will serve Africans for 1000’s of years. My thoughts are that Africans haven’t learned the art of bartering or how to deal with the market.

As an example, one of the dumbest stories I’ve read about, regarding Africa is when I read that one African government borrowed money from the Chinese so the Chinese could build a train, however, only Chinese labor was allowed to build and maintain the train. From a negotiation and/or bartering perspective that is a horrible deal, because if the train breaks down, the Africans are completely reliant on Chinese engineers to fix the problem.

If a train is being built on your land, those people should have everything to do with building the train, if the parts originally come from China, within a few years the local African population should be able to manufacture ever last part to build that train so in the future they won’t need to take out a loan from the Chinese to build a train. However, and I’m not sure why this is, for some reason, Africans seem to not understand how money works. Humans are supposed to have some sort of control in any bartering arrangement if you’re completely reliant on another person or another country to keep your economy afloat well when those people leave you’ll be right back where you started.

Knowledge is power, knowledge of how things work is power if you own a bus company and you have no in-house bus mechanics and every time the Bus breaks down you have to fly in a Chinese bus mechanic how smart are you really? How rich or wealthy are you really? Who needs who? It’s something Africans will have to learn on their own. However, I definitely don’t think Putin’s statement was racists or was even intended to be hurtful. Russians are usually straight to the point it’s their strength and their weakness.