The Best Quality Cheap Traffic To Your website

The Best Quality Cheap Traffic To Your website

The Best Quality Cheap Traffic To Your Website

Now let me first point out that the best QUALITY website traffic I’ve ever purchased came from adwords, but unfortunately for me I was banned. Not only was I banned but that adwords traffic was EXPENSIVE, plus what annoyed me the most at the time is that I was banned just as my site began to grow. That lesson taught me a lot, it taught me to diversify and it also forced me to go looking for other reliable source to find traffic to website(s).

Link sharing website traffic – $5.00

To date the best performing cheap quality website traffic I’ve come across is Adfly. How much does Adfly cost? $5.00. What’s great about Adfly is that you can target your country, you can choose the time to send your ads and you can pause your campaigns. Now you might be wondering how does Adfly work well instead of me trying to tell you how about I just show you. Click here to see how adfly works The prior link will open a new window after 5 seconds click the “skip ad” button which will bring you back to this website.

If you go to a lot of websites now you’ll notice that they’re using the Link sharing system. have you ever heard of Forbes? Forbes is a highly respectable website and if you got to in 2016 you’ll notice that they have link sharing timer that’s the same as Adfly that only allows you to access their website if you let the timer count down.

How this relates to quality cheap traffic is if your website is very interesting the the user who lands on that page you can make a lot of sales. When I told you to Click here to see how adfly works did you find the website that you saw prior to the “skip Ad” button appearing interesting? If you did not chances are that person that advertised on Adfly isn’t making much money. If you did find that site interesting chances are that Adfly advertiser is making lots of money.

When it comes to Adfly it really is hit or miss, using Adfly doesn’t necessarily mean that your website isn’t good but what it does mean is that it might not have the ability to grab people’s attention immediately. Let me point out that I’ve used Adfly to turn $5 into thousands of dollars but there have also been times where I’ve struck out and made nothing. Of Course now I make money using Adfly but in the past it did take me time to find sites that work. My advice use Adfly if your website is an attention grabber.

Click Here For the Adfly Website