U.S. Chamber of commerce official letter email scam

This type of spam email is the worst of the bunch because it comes with an attachment. This is referred to as a malicious email and should be avoided by all costs. If you ever receive a suspicious email from what appears to be a government agency I highly recommend that you DO NOT open it and that you delete it immediately. If you’re curious about it and don’t want to take my word for it I highly recommend that you call the U.S. Chamber of commerce first before opening that email notice.

U.S. Chamber of commerce official letter email spam

Emails like the one being sent by Valdez Santos can be very harmful to your computer mainly because they come with attachment(s). The typical hacker will send an email with a link for people to click on and then through the link try to gain access to peoples computers thus stealing their personal information. Emails like this one however with attachments can in some instances eat away at your computer while stealing your personal information.

Final Thoughts on this spam email

I highly recommend not opening this email I know for most of you curiosity might take over but I’m advising you not to click or download anything. Its emails like this that steal people’s personal information and allow hackers to take personal information away. I’m not sure if some of heard about people losing thousands of dollars from online banking fraud? Well it’s emails like this that are one of the causes so stay away do not click or open suspicious emails.

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