How do I check to see who unfollowed me on twitter for Free?

Unfollowed on Twitter

Unfollowed on Twitter

If you want to find the fastest and easiest way to find out who unfollowed you on twitter? You might want to click the link below it’s fast, easy and it’s free and the reason I like this site is because they make it extremely easy to unfollow the people that unfollowed you.

The downside? Is that it’s done manually which complies with Twitter policies, there are some auto unfollowers out there but they can get your twitter account banned or suspended just as fast, I know because I’ve tried them. If you’re one of those people with hundreds of thousands of people that unfollowed you it will take some time to get your account under control actually depending on how much money your followers are helping you to earn you could even hire someone to do the un-following for you.

Having just as many followers as there are people you follow keeps people from trying to following just so you can follow them back which they then use to unfollow you again. Using this free unfollow twitter tool gives you a distinct advantage from allowing people to follow and unfollow you when they want without repercussions.

Click here to see who UnFollowed You on Twitter for FREE