Immigrants in Bronx may not know the best immigration lawyer to go to help them handle their immigration matters. This article provides some of the ways an immigrant can go about choosing an immigration lawyer in Bronx. The lawyer will help in handling some of the paperwork during the immigration process.

It is important to first identify several immigration lawyers then choose one of them. The way to go about identifying them may include the following. You can contact your family members, friends or colleagues who have ever gone through the immigration process to refer you to the attorney they used. The other place to look out for the attorneys is from the bar association or from the immigrant lawyers association. This association will also provide you with the necessary information regarding immigration attorneys.

The association draw her members from those who practice on area of immigration as well as attorneys who teaches immigration law in the universities. The members are well conversant with all the policies and laws on immigration. You can therefore use the list of their membership to identify the attorneys to choose from.

You should ensure that only those who have undergone training on the immigration law and policies are left in the list. The others should be removed. The other thing to look out for is the track record of each of the lawyers. It is not advisable to judge them based on the number of years they have practiced or even the level of education they have, but it is important to consider their track record.

The other thing to do is to interview all those in the list. The way to go about this is to call the attorneys and seek for a appointments. It is not recommended that you do the interview on phone. The interviews must be on face to face basis. The purpose of the interview should be to find a good attorney who matches your needs.

The other consideration to base your criteria of choosing should be based on their track records. Some people may think that those who have practiced for many years are better off to handle the matter as related to those who have practiced for few years. This misperception is wrong since some attorneys have practiced for many years yet they do not have a good track record.

The other thing to look out for from the interview is the flexibility of the attorney. It is important that you get an attorney who is flexible enough to work with you. For instance, those whom you can contact any day even during weekends or even late in the evening. Some attorneys normally restrict the time they meet with their clients to a specific time.

From the interviews, one will be in a better position to settle on a good attorney. Another consideration to look in to when choosing is the legal fee the attorneys are charging. It is necessary to know the fee before you engage an attorney to ensure that the one you are working with is charging a reasonable fee. These is the way to go about finding an immigrant lawyer in Bronx

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