Best completely free dating sites

Initially when I wrote this post there we’re more free dating sites on this list but I had to remove most of them because they started offering trial offers and up-selling and other things which made those free dating sites not qualify for this list. In this now very short list the only sites I’ve added are the ones that are global yes I know in some countries they have dating sites that cater specifically for that country or region those sites won’t be mentioned on this list because most of the readers of this blog are global readers. The sites below are completely free to join and you can even view profiles without signing up.

The downside to free online dating

The downside to free dating is spam and advertising so when you sign up I recommend using an email that you really don’t care much for so in the event you start getting spam it won’t bother you much. One other thing I have to mention is free online dating sites are really competitive especially if you’re a male so it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward. Everyone reading this post should post decent pictures of themselves I recommend showing real pictures of yourself if you want to get results.

What to do if you’re shy and want success

If you’re shy and you don’t post a picture my advice to you is to contact as many people as possible and also write yourself a very good profile describing yourself and the reason why you’re not posting a picture of yourself. The free dating sites listed below are ranked from what I consider to be the best and the worst depending on when you read this the list might be bigger or smaller I removed all the crappy sites recently.

Best Completely Free Dating websites

  1. Click here for the Plenty Of Fish website
  2. Click here for the Date Hookup Website