In New York, the law is complicated. Ranging from personal injury, civil suits to accident claims, the victim will not receive a favorable outcome unless the person is aware of their rights. Because of this, it is important to enlist the help of qualified Staten Island lawyers to handle all legal matters.

Similar to civil cases, family law is too complicated for the average citizen to understand. For example, contrary to popular belief, family law is not limited to divorce or child custody and child support cases. This branch of the law also covers adoptions, property separation, father’s rights, same sex unions and family mediation.

Personal injury is a legal term that also covers a broad spectrum. This law cover injury to a person’s mind, body or emotions. In order to win the case, the victim must prove that the injury was a result of another persons negligence. A personal injury claim can result from an automobile accident, a slip and fall, an accident at work or a dog bite. In the event the injured person dies, the victim’s family can file a wrongful death claim. In order to receive a proper recovery amount, it is important to hire a qualified and licensed professional.

Real estate, money matters and intellectual property laws are strict. Anyone found guilty of breaking a law may be fined, lose their professional license or face jail. In addition to those areas, the attorneys specialize in social security disability appeals, bankruptcies, credit repair, debt collection as well as tax and government issues.

In New York, anyone with property or assets should leave a will. A will ensures the property passes to the appropriate beneficiary. Since everyone’s needs are different, their are several types of estate plans available.

Within the state of New York, a will or trust is necessary to leave property or assets to a beneficiary. Without a valid will or trust, the state may divide the descendant’s property. Estate planning services also include drafting power of attorney forms and end of life or nursing home planning. Having an end of life plan makes it easier for the family to make care and medical decisions based upon the client’s desires.

Because this situation will not fit everyone’s needs, the lawyer is able to work with the client until an acceptable agreement is reached. For example, a grantor with a desire to keep the property in the family may select a generational trust. With this plan, the trust will retain ownership of family property; however, the beneficiaries have the ability to use the property at any time during their lifetime.

Many Staten Island lawyers also work in debt and collections. Firmly representing the clients, these attorneys diligently work to settle all outstanding debt. This will help to increase the clients revenue and boost their business.

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