Is a scam?

There are lots of lies, tricks and deceptions on the webpages I should also point out that is basically doing the same thing. Both of these websites are engaged in deceptive practices and the both look like scams. For example words like “Note: Limited Trials Available. 200 Max Risk Free Trials Available Today.” or “Note: Only 6 Trials Still Available. Free Trial Promotion Ends: whatever day today is Lets customers now right off the bat that these people will say anything to rush people into buying.

I will advise anyone reading this to avoid trial offers these trial offers are used to get people on auto re-billing. Furthermore legitimate skin care companies like Kollagen Intensiv™ proudly display their phone number for everyone to use. Kollagen Intensiv™ has been around for a long time and what separates them from their competition is they don’t use deceptive marketing tactics instead they you can read and learn about Kollagen Intensiv™ on there website. The reviews offered at don’t seem genuine and the fact there is more than one “consumer lifestyles reports” website I question if there a review site a straight up scam.

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