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Is a scam?

If you visit one of the webpages you might be curious to know if it’s a scam or not? I wouldn’t call it a blatant scam however they or they’re affiliates are sending spam emails to myself and others which is why I’m not going to recommend them at this time. Furthermore I would also advise anyone that is thinking of signing up “work at home university” or to make sure they read about the “F” RATING the Better business bureau gave them which can be found by clicking the following link:

I’m not hear to preach what people should or shouldn’t do all I’m going to say is real or legit reviews for are not good. Also is sending me spam emails so my review for them won’t be good and there’s no way they’ll get a recommendation from me. I do think is a hoax and fraud I think people can find better. All that said think for yourself and make the decision that makes sense to you.

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