CRA( | Canada Revenue Agency) SPAM!

If you got an email that looks like something below. It’s a scam! Don’t fall for it, don’t click the link, don’t add in any details and don’t send any money.

CRA - - Canada Revenue Agency - SPAM Email

CRA – – Canada Revenue Agency – SPAM Email

There’s a new scam to report on if you got an email that states the following:

Canada Revenue Agency
Pending Tax Refund
Dear Your Email Here,

We would like to notify you that you still have an outstanding tax refund of $ 665.84 CAD from overpaid tax from year ending 2017, despite our previous letters regarding your refund we are yet to receive your claim. Requests for refunds are time limited please use the link below to complete your claim online also note the following:

You have until the 16th of Aug 2018 to make your claim
Reference No: 2017/950324/B
We can only process a refund for the tax year we have detailed above

Start Claim ↣

We aim to send repayments within 2 weeks, but it may take longer in some cases. You should wait 4 weeks before contacting us about the payment.

Canada Revenue Agency

© Canada Revenue Agency

Yes it’s a scam

The email for me came from [email protected]with the title

Ticket #CRA01F1T87CA8403: -(*ACTION REQUIRED*)- ref:_T4050Do0IjOV._R50101NZIU2j:ref/Aug/18