Criminal records Michigan keeps on its archives are considered as public documents. This means that the residents have the freedom to access such documents when they deem it necessary. By making the document open, residents can always be on guard against people with bad intentions.

Residents of Michigan request for a copy of criminal records of the state for a number of reasons. Conducting a background check is the most common reason. This is done by individuals who wish to make sure that they with people they can trust. people would check the background of their nannies, friends, neighbors, babysitters, tutors and even relatives. This makes them feel secured in their environment. Employers and business owners would look into the history of the people who works for them. By doing this, employers can ensure they have trust worthy people working for them. Local authorities of the state uses this documents during their investigation procedures.

As the name implies, criminal records would contain information about the crimes that an individual has committed. The document would show all of the offenses and violations of the person along with the charges and the sentence he/she received for it. The document would not be complete without the personal details of the reported individual such as the complete name, address, and details of his/her birth. One would also find a detailed description of how the person looked like through the mug shots and the description found on the file. However, all of this information can only be visible once the case has been closed. Juvenile records of Michigan are also kept away from public access in accordance to the national laws

It is important that one has an idea as to what to do when requesting for a copy of a Michigan criminal record. A request form has to be filled out with the necessary information to do the search. One has to indicate the basic details of the file that is being obtained to hasten the retrieval process. Additionally, the contact details of the one who filed the request has to be indicated on the request form as well since the record is only released to the person himself or their immediate family. A processing fee of $30 has to be paid to proceed with the request. one may need to wait for at least three weeks before the requested file can be obtained.

The Criminal Justice Information Center in Michigan is where all the criminal records of the state are kept and managed. By going to this office, the record can be obtained and requested. if requesting it physically from the office is not possible for some reason, a mail request can be sent to the said office.

The Internet now allows the retrieval of a Michigan Criminal record. There are websites that offer criminal records free to public access. Residents don’t have to pay for the service however; some would go for the paid option to ensure the quality of the results.

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