Is a scam?

If you visit one of the webpages namely the ones that look like new website you might think these websites are real. Truth be told these are fake news websites  and the only reason is in existence is to get you to sign up for some B.S work from home website.
Wording like the wording below is used to give you the customer the illusion that regular people are making money from this crap. In the example below using a fictitious character named Kim Swartz to make people think that this site is legit. I’m sure that there are some really name people with the name Kim Swartz but in this instance this character is fake

EXPOSED: Ontario Mom Makes $7,487/Month
And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!

Kim Swartz is a regular mom who lost her job last year, after an unsuccessful job hunt she started working online from home. I interviewed her about her amazing story and she revealed her steps for success.


How do I know she is fake? well the first clue is at the top their webpage where it says:

“This website is a paid affiliate and is not associated with any newspaper publication or online news source.”

Second place to look is at the bottom of their webpage where it says:


It should also be noted by the reader that the comments are not real either. I want to also point out that the fake news website at possibly has hundreds of different pages the one I’m referring to can be seen here

Is a scam? It sure looks like one to me personally I don’t think it’s legit but you can review it for yourself or read other reviews all I will say is I don’t trust it and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

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