Has a section for the Transgendered is stomping on territory most new dating websites would rather avoid. If you’re a blog owner you might have got the invite to write a piece on for whereby they either pay you or they ask for link to their site. They asked me what I found unique about them. Well first things first they have a great domain name “dateetc” short it caters to all the latin speaking countries and it’s easy to remember if you checked out their youtube video the way they say it is “Date E, T, C” as opposed to Date Etcetera.

The second thing they’ve done is they’ve opened their doors to the gay community namely the transgendered community I have an embarrassing story I’ll tell people about my experience with I signed up with that sight I spent a few weeks talking to a Tranny that I thought was a real woman. The reason this tranny put herself as a woman was because in POF there isn’t a section for Transgendered people.

That being said I can guarantee that I’m not the only person this has happened too. The reason I wanted to talk about this topic is the fact that the transgendered community is rather small. Not only that adding this feature might cause make some people not want to join. I like this risky approach is taking I’m almost positive that it some religious people might be appauld by the move. The good news for right now is they don’t have many members I’m not even sure if they reached 10,000 members yet. However if they reach in the millions which is expected I wonder what they’ll do when all these different opinions start coming in. If you haven’t checked them out yet their website is below.