a different type of dating website

Date etc in my opinion has the right idea I remember signing up for eHarmony and how long it took for me to fill out my profile not only that I uploaded 6 pictures of myself it took me 4 months of paid memberships to get one serious response and when we finally started liking each other the contact between the two of us instantly stopped. Actually she stopped contacting me.

I remained an active member with eHarmony for 3 more month’s waiting for her to respond to no avail I also tried to connect with other women who never responded. Anyway I gave that up and I tried Date etc within two days I received a response and within a month I went on a date. Want to know the really funny part? The funny part was I didn’t even complete my profile at in fact my profile with basically blank with a photo attached. Date etc has this logo that says simple free online dating. Now I get what they mean. If you want to try Date etc which is 100% free by the way click the link below.