Legit or Scam? My Review

So let’s be honest there’s a lot of these international dating scams all over the net, so whenever a new one pops up you have to wonder if it’s legit or a scam. My review and reports of trying their services prove that DateInt/Date International or is legitimate and not a scam, it’s actually a service that allows you to meet the women in person.

I’m not entirely sure but based on my research and A Foreign Affair International Matchmakers are one and the same. Same members same offers similar pricing similar structure almost everything is the same. I like A Foreign Affair International it’s so far been the best opportunity I’ve found to get married to an attractive woman overseas.

Why I stopped using A Foreign Affair International was because of the pandemic, I’m waiting for the crazy government to ease travel restrictions, so I can get on with life. But I love the A Foreign Affair International Matchmakers service because they have all the bases covered, especially the legal portion.

If you didn’t know the most challenging part to A Foreign Affair International Matchmakers is the legal part and they cover that with ease, but there’s an additional fee to it, it’s worth it because to find someone to do this for you independent of A Foreign Affair International is going to most likely cost you more than they’re offering.

As a client of A Foreign Affair International Matchmakers I can tell you they’re the best. appears to have the same or similar ownership and they’re legit as proven when I used their virtual meeting and phone translation services.

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