Is a Scam?

Unlike most of the other people who only write reviews to make money for I’m going to try to educate you before you sign up. I’ve done the whole penny auction thing and what I don’t like is the fact that nothing is being sold for pennies. The lowest amount a person can pay per bid on is $0.50¢ and in order for a customer to get such a low bid price that member has to first spend $250. The dealcent bid prices are below.

  • 75 Bids = 70¢ = cost to customer $52
  • 150 Bids = 60¢ = cost to customer $90
  • 75 Bids = 55¢ = cost to customer $150
  • 75 Bids = 50¢ = cost to customer $250

Nothing is being sold for 1 cent so why call it a penny auction?

As you can clearly see with the numbers above nothing on is being sold for a dollar so why do they call a penny auction. Their prices do not rise by 1 cent in fact their prices rise by a minimum of 50¢. So why don’t they just say prices rise by 50¢? I’ll tell you why because let’s say something on DealCent was sold for $5.00 the reality of that auction is that something was sold $250 (.50¢ (per bid) x 500(bids placed). Also the previous numbers mentioned are me being generous because remember a customer has to first purchase a bid pack worth $250 to get the 0.50¢ per bid price.

Final thoughts on Deal Cent

Personally I don’t like penny auctions the whole concept deceitful in my opinion. I’m not calling a scam but I would never join them based on the information I shared with you in this post. However I will call a scam if they do not ship their items to their customers. So if you signed up and did not receive your desired item as promised or if you just feel like leaving your experience with please share it below it helps others.

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