Deferred action on undocumented immigrants has been a hot topic recently. Some said it is the answer to their long term fear of deportation. While some said it is useless and it would not change a thing. Before we go even further, let us try to understand what is all about.

The United States government passed a law that will grant a relief to some people who entered the country illegally as children, but does not pose a threat to national security in anywise. This is the deferred action law. Some requirements are that they are 15 years old before entering the country and are under 31 years of age as of June 15, 2012. The law does not grant individuals with lawful status though.

There are many things to talk about this issue. In fact, some are already been discussed. Major areas of this law will be presented to see the whole spectrum as to the pros and cons of this legislation.

The provision of this law can be given if the person meets the guidelines for consideration. This includes those that does not experienced removable proceedings up to individuals that are already in final removable proceedings. If one is detained already in the immigration, he should talk this matter to the detention officer if he knows he met the guideline details.

An authorization to work is granted in this legislation if individuals concerned are in financial difficulties. He is not exempted to pay the reduced cost sharing and the premium tax credits though. This may be a good sign, however permanent residency and citizenship are impossible. Much more that this privilege is only good for 2 years and there is no assurance of continuity.

Any individual who is over 18 years old and has a pending case on deferred action will accrue unlawful presence. But if he filed a case when he is 18, or even if he turns 18 while his case is pending, then according to the law, he does not accrue unlawful presence. But then again, however, having an action postponed does not pardon previous accrued unlawful presence.

One maybe granted privilege and will not accrue unlawful presence for that particular period, this however does not grant lawful status. There is a big difference between the two. Unlawful presence refers to the period a person stays in the United States after his period of stay expired. It still does not change the fact that he has unlawful status. Therefore he is still subject to every legal restrictions.

Despite of these efforts made by the government, some sectors still question the sincerity of this law. They feel that the government is cooking up something out of this issue. They see that this legislation has a lot of loop holes and is not really geared into helping solve the root of this problem.

The government made a move on how to resolve the crisis on illegal immigration. Though some individuals are blessed with the rights they acquire thru this law, others felt they are taken for granted by the government. Thus, deferred action has become a big question to them as to what is it really all about since it is very hard to attain for many.

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